Ákos Hamza D., 1943. Éva Szörényi, a girl in two roles.

Premiere: 1 February 1943
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Ákos Hamza D. 

Original length: 2260 m, 84 minutes
The film survived as a fragment.

Aunt Anna, Füzessy Annamarie's aunt, lives in Sanghai, thinking that Anna and Marie are sisters. Anna-Marie takes the opportunity presenting itself, thanks to that misunderstanding, and, from then onwards, she makes a point of playing a double role. In her role as Anna, she is the reflection of modern thinking and is a girl with a slightly boyish appearance, while the role of Marie is a chance for her to be on her best behaviour as a shy little girl. When Aunt Anna arrives in Füzes, and is informed by the housekeeper, who is about to leave, of Anna-Marie's strange behaviour, she does not reveal her identity. Instead, she applies for the housekeeper's job with the Füzessy family. Anna-Marie is attracted by Balázs Gábor, a young engineer, who instructed by his father, is working to complete a fishing pond. Thanks to the girl's double role, there are misunderstandings to explain. They are eventually ironed out by Aunt Anna, and the young people, now one couple, find their happiness.

What makes it interesting?
A comedy based on misunderstandings in which Éva Szörényi plays the role of two women with opposite personalities.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Magyar Írók Filmje
Screenwriter: Gréte Harsányi
Cinematographer: Rezső Icsey
Cast: Gábor Rajnay (Füzessy Gábor landlord), Éva Szörényi (Annamária, Füzessy's daughter), Mariska Vízváry (Aunt Anna), László Szilassy (Géza Balázs, engineer), Nusi Somogyi (Boris, housekeeper), Ferenc Pethes, Sándor Pethes, János Makláry