Barbara in America

Márton Keleti, 1938. Part of the film was shot on location in New York.

Premiere: 16 August 1938
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Márton Keleti

Original length: 2531 m, 94 minutes
The film survives in a fragmentary state not fit for screening.

Szalai Pista is back from America. Having worked as a stoker on a boat, he has made a lot of money. He wants to marry his former love, Borcsa, but neither his parents, nor the girl's uncle, Zsiga, consent to their marriage. They even manage to provoke an argument between the lovers, and Pista starts courting another young woman. A manager wishes to contract the pretty Borcsa to work in America, and uncle Zsiga and the girl set out to travel overseas. Pista, still in love with Borcsa, takes a job on the same boat. Borcsa is to act at a New York revue. Meanwhile, Zsiga and Pista settle their controversies, and the uncle pulls the strings to have Pista and Borcsa perform together, with Pista dressed in the protagonist's clothes. The show is a big success, but the young couple prefer happiness at home, and return to Hungary.

What makes it interesting?
There was an intention to film the popular operetta even in the silent era, starring an American actress. In the end this could only happen a decade later with Margit Dajka playing the heroine and Imre Hámory her lover. The uncle was Gerő Mály. Part of the film was shot on location in New York.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Reflektor Film
Writer: Tamás Emőd, Rezső Török
Screenwriter: Attila Orbók
Cinematographer: Károly Kurzmayer
Cast: Margit Dajka (Borcsa), Gerő Mály (Zsiga, her uncle), Imre Hámory (Pista Szalai), Gyula Gózon (Faragó), Sándor Góth (manager from America), Marcsa Simon (Mrs. Guba), Zsóka Ölvedy (Rozál, her daughter), Piri Vaszary (Pista's mother), Attila Petheő (Hungarian gentleman on boat), Károly Kovács (his son), Sándor Pethes (Frankovics), Ferenc Pethes (Andris), Árpád Latabár Jr. (dancer), Manyi Kiss (his partner), Valéria Hidvéghy (chambermaid on boat), Béla Fáy (ship engineer), György Kürthy, Gyula Tapolczay, Ferenc Galetta, Géza Berczy, Lajos Ihász, József Kürthy, József Berky