Sándor Szlatinay, 1938. Military comedy with the heroine played by the brilliant Zita Szeleczky.

Premiere: 2 November 1938
Genre: feature  film, comedy, sound film
Director: Sándor Szlatinay

Original length: 2249 m, 82 minutes
The film survived as a fragment.

The Takács family receives a marriage proposal, but Ágnes does not like the suitor. She takes advantage of a letter written by the secretary of Tibor, the solicitor, on the stationary of his boss, to a sales woman, which was hidden in the pocket of her coat purchased by Ágnes a few minutes later. When Colonel Takács summons Tibor, a reserve officer at the Hussars, to testify about the innocence of his niece, Ágnes pretends to be the young man's secret lover. The suitor leaves the scene deeply hurt, while the upset mother sends her daughter to the country to Aunt Emma. During a country military exercise, lieutenant Tibor is put up in the house of Aunt Emma. The young people meet again and the lie of Ágnes becomes reality.

What makes it interesting?
Military comedy with the heroine played by the brilliant Zita Szeleczky.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Művész Film
Screenwriter: Károly Nóti, Károly Aszlányi
Cinematographer: István Eiben
Cast: Zita Szeleczky (Ágnes Takács), Antal Páger (Dr. Tibor, lawyer, reserve hussar lieutenant), Gyula Kabos (Mr. Kulcsár, secretary), Kiss Manyi (Bözsi Buchbinder, shop assistant, Kulcsár's bride), Karola Zala (Mrs. Takács, mother of Ágnes), Gábor Rajnay (Takács Ferenc colonel, Ágnes's uncle), Mariska Vízváry (Emma, Ágnes's aunt), Tivadar Bilicsi (Obitz, Tibor's customer), Ferenc Pethes (Ádám Árkossy Jr., Ágnes's suitor), Sándor Pethes (father of Ádám)