István Székely, 1934. The consequences of a riding accident and a girl in love in a dual role.

Premiere: 31 October 1934
Genre: feature film, drama, sound film
Director: István Székely

Original length: 81 minutes, 2187 m
Lost film.

Sivó János, a young landowner, is one of the participants at a non-professionals' horse-race. Cornflower, his horse, trips up and falls right in front of the finish line. After the accident, Sivó is told by his doctor that he has only one more year to live. Turning his fortune into cash, Sivó sets about preparing for a journey. Viktus, granddaughter of his old nanny, is secretly in love with Sivó, trying to dissuade him from travelling, but it would be pointless, he thinks, to accept her love with the imminence of his personal tragedy, so he decides to set out on his planned trip. Viktus runs away from home, starting her career as an actress in Pest, under the name of Elli Helkin. This is where the two young people meet again, and János, by now unable to resist the charms of the woman, proposes to her. The predicted tragedy does not materialize, thus removing all obstacles to their happiness.

What makes it interesting?
The adaptation of the hugely popular stage play by László Bús-Fekete. The dual role of Viktus and Elli was played by Lili Darvas on stage, Hanna Honthy in the operetta version and Irén Ágai in the film.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: City Film Rt.
Writer: László Bús-Fekete (play)
Screenwriter: István Mihály
Cinematographer: István Eiben
Cast: Irén Ágay (Viktus and Elli), Antal Páger (János Sivó), Lili Berky (Pólika, nanny), Mici Erdélyi (Kató), Mariska Vízváry (Mrs. Schulteisz), Kálmán Rózsahegyi (Péter), György Nagy (Béla Harsányi), Ilona Eszterházy (Lola), Sándor Pethes (teacher), Márton Rátkai (baron)

International Distribution
USA (Cornflower)