Danse Macabre

László Kalmár, 1942. Passionate film about a teenage girl who longs to be a dancer.

Premiere: 24 February 1942
Genre: feature film, drama, soundf film
Director: László Kalmár

Original length: 2227 m, 83 minutes
The film survived as a fragment.

Marietta Lovasdy has just taken her school leaving exams. Her parents intend her to take up medicine but she chooses a career on the stage. Zoltán Zentay, the famous actor, moves into a flat on the third floor in order to be as close as possible to Mrs. Lovasdy. Marietta would like to take lessons from him but the man is too aggressive. The girl is given a ballet part in a stage production called Dance of Death. Zentay is murdered. Mrs. Lovasdy admits to the deed but suspicion also falls on Marietta. Her innocence is established but her nerves are completely wrecked. Waking up cured, Marietta finally reaches out to the doctor Péter Gordon and abandons her dreams of becoming an artist.

What makes it interesting?
This was the first time Bea Goll received a dancing role in a film allowing her to show off her great talent. The girl, a true star in the making, was only 15 at the time of filming.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Mester Film Kft., Hunnia Filmgyár
Screenwriter: József Babay
Cinematographer: Árpád Makay
Cast: Artúr Somlay (Kálmán Lovasdy), Mária Lázár (Mária, Mrs. Lovasdy), Bea Goll (Marietta, Lovasdy's daughter), Tivadar Uray (Zoltán Zentay, actor), László Perényi (Dr. Péter Gordon, doctor), József Juhász (caretaker), Imre Toronyi (police commissioner), Zoltán Makláry (theatre tailor, dresser), Tivadar Bilicsi, Géza Berczy, Lajos Sugár