Dream Dragon

Andor Pünkösti, 1939. Modern-style comedy with strong social criticism.

Premiere: 11 May 1939
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Andor Pünkösti

Original length: 2234 m, 84 minutes
Lost film.

The rich Bátay Ica has a car crash with her fiancé, the banker Bartsch Félix, in the Balaton highway. Ica's state is critical, she needs blood transfusion. A young university student, Péter, offers his blood. After her recovery, the girl finds him a job in return. Love unfolds between the young people but Ica believes Péter to love Ibolya, the florist girl in Óbuda. She decides to marry the banker. She orders her wedding bouquet from Ibolya who informs her about the misunderstanding. Thus, Ica and Péter can unite.

What makes it interesting?
The film is a modern-style comedy featuring characters from different social groups. According to the recollection of István Radó, the original intention of the filmmakers was to pillory racist policy, which led to a conflict with the censor and the work could only be shown with modifications.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Prizma Film Kft., Pünkösti Film Kft.
Writer: Ferenc Felkai
Screenwriter: Ferenc Felkai, Andor Pünkösti
Cinematographer: Ferenc Gergelits
Cast: Lili Muráti (Ica Bátay), Gábor Ranay (Tamás Bátay, Ica's father), Margit Ladomerszky (Mrs. Bátay, Ica's mother), László Perényi (Péter), Mária Egry (Ibolya, florist girl), László Földényi (Félix Bartsch), Mariska Vízváry (Aunt Mari), Mária Szemlér (Margitka), Lajos Köpeczi-Boócz (Uncle Pali, organ-grinder), Zoltán Makláry (Vércse), László Ujlaky (Pista), Gyula Tapolczay (Béla), Tibor Berky (Miki), István Dózsa (janitor), Béla Fáy (assistant), Ica Lantos, Erzsébet Kistóth


Photo: poster by Békés. Source: NFI