Everything for the Woman

Béla Gaál, Géza Cziffra, 1934. Hacsek & Sajó movie adventure with three comic episodes.

Premiere: 31 January 1934
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Béla Gaál, Géza Cziffra

Original length: 85 minutes, 2285 m
The film survived as a fragment.

Framework story: The adventure in the cinema of Hacsek and Sajó. Hacsek and Sajó go to the movies to see the film Everything for the woman. Hacsek starts courting the pretty lady next to him. He continues his siege during the intermission, and eventually his ardent efforts are crowned with success, as the two of them sit arm in arm by the end of the film.
1. At night in the pharmacy: Mr. Ladányi, in order to get away from his boring home, pretends to have a tooth-ache and goes to the pharmacy. As the young lady working in the pharmacy has something important to do, she leaves the pharmacy to Mr. Ladányi's care. For his trick he is given such a smack by his wife that his tooth really starts aching.
2. Oh, how good it feels to love!: The unemployed waiter and his lover, the young waitress win a race-horse on a lottery. They sell the horse and buy a pub where they start their life together.
3. The bull of the pampas (or: The new director): Sólyom gets acquainted with a pretty, blonde girl and invites him the show "Femina" to see the strongest man in the world, the "bull of the pampas". Sólyom's jealous wife turns soon up. The frightened husband escapes to the office of the director, where he for a short time and to the surprise of his wife takes over the management of the show. He puts handcuffs on the astonished woman, then leaves the show.

What makes it interesting?
Only the beginning of the frame play and the episode Night in the Pharmacy have survived.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: City Film Rt.
Writer: Károly Nóti, László Vadnai, Aladár László
Screenwriter: Károly Nóti, Géza Cziffra, István Mihály
Cinematographer: István Eiben
Cast: Jenő Herczeg (Hacsek), Vilmos Komlós (Sajó), Gyula Kabos (Ödön Ladányi), Ella Gombaszögi (Mrs. Ladányi), Irén Ágay (Klárika, the young lady working in the pharmacy), Lajos Ihász (her fiancé), Ferenc Vendrey (an old patient), Tibor Halmay (waiter), Lici Balla, György Dénes, Gyula Justh, Szakáll Szőke, Elma Bulla, Mici Haraszti, Erzsi Palotai, Lívia Miklós, Andor Sárossy, Ernő Szenes, László Feleki, Sándor Pethes, Gyula Gózon, Lajos Újváry, Sándor Peti

International Distribution
USA (Everything for the Woman)