Hussars of Fehérvár

István György, 1939. The film version of Mihály Erdélyi’s lively operetta.

Premiere: 3 February 1939
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: István György 

Original length: 2017 m, 65 minutes
The survived print of the film is incomplete.

Onódy István, lieutenant of the Fehérvár Hussar regiment, musters out in order to help his old and widowed mother in farming. He falls in love with the baroness in the neighbouring estate and soon makes up his mind to marry her. During proposing to her, however, he accidentally crashes seven roses of the baroness' rose garden. The angry young lady consents on the condition that he replaces the seven roses with roses acquired from seven different villages during seven days with no kisses or money but only his hard work given for them. Onódy fulfils the condition despite the difficulties caused mainly by the music teacher and lady companion of the baroness and gets the hand of the girl.

What makes it interesting?
The film version of Mihály Erdélyi’s lively operetta.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Kino Filmipari és Filmkereskedelmi Kft., Magyar Filmiroda
Writer: Mihály Erdélyi (operetta)
Screenwriter: József Babay
Cast: Mária Egry (baronesse), Antal Páger (István Onódy), Gyula Kabos, Piri Peéry, Lili Berky, Tivadar Bilicsi, Lajos Köpeczi-Boócz, Ferenc Pethes, József Kürthy, Erzsi Laky Tóth, Andor Heltai, Zsóka Ölvedy, József Berky, Gyula Tapolczay, Domokos Sala, Zoltán Petheő, Valéria Hidvéghy, contributes: Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra, Jóska Gödöllői Vidák's gypsy band