I Never Stole In My Life

Béla Balogh, 1939. Light farce revolving around a supposed jewellery heist.

Premiere: 23 June 1939
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Béla Balogh

Original length: 2416 m, 90 minutes
Lost film.

Éva, the country land-owning girl visits her fiancé, Ödön in Budapest. At the hotel she spends the night in the room of a young stranger, Ungváry Pál by mistake. Scared of the unfamiliar room, she slips out in the morning, but forgets her engagement ring on the bed-table. In the evening Pali holds the ring up to Éva in the bar. The hotel detective, who has been looking for the thief of the jewel since the morning, arrests him. The decent young man accepts to be taken for a thief in order to preserve the girl's reputation. Éva and Pál fall in love with each other. Ödön, who has been secretly in love with the hotel's beautiful bar-singer is happy to learn about her fiancée's infidelity.

What makes it interesting?
The story is performed with superb clownish figures in which the young Kálmán Latabár sparkles.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Kokas–Schramm produkció, Photophon Film Kft.
Writer: Nándor Liszt, Géza Matolay
Cinematographer: Rezső Icsey
Cast: Mária Egry (Éva), Kálmán Latabár (Ödön Boldogh, Éva's fiancé), Ania Suli (bar-singer), László Szilassy (Pál Ungváry), Tivadar Bilicsi (Pál's uncle), Sándor Pethes, Terus Kováts


Photo: poster by László Gy. Győri. Source: NFI