I Protected a Woman

Ákos Ráthonyi, 1938. An innocent beer in the pub turns into a divorce and then marriage.

Premiere: 28 June 1938
Genre: feature film, drama, sound film
Director: Ákos Ráthony

The film survived as a fragment.

At a pub, Bory Péter rises to protect an unknown woman, Mrs. Bakos, insulted by her jealous husband. The event develops into a press-gossip, where nobody believes that Péter had not formerly known the woman. The husband challenges Péter in a dual, where he is injured by his sword. Maca is irritated by Péter's persevering negation, and at the court hearing of their divorce suit, she testifies to having been formerly wooed by him. Nobody believes Péter, and even his friends advice him that it is his duty to defend the woman's honour. Also the lawyer's wife does her best to make the match between them, and in the end Péter proposes to Maca.

What makes it interesting?
János Bókay first wrote the story as a novel, then stage play, and finally he made it into a screenplay. It is set in the Belvárosi Theatre. Almost all the actors of the theatre company appeared in the film.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Elit Film Kft.
Writer, Screenwriter: János Bókay
Cinematographer: Ferenc Gergelits
Cast: Mária Lázár (Mrs. Bakos, Maca), Antal Páger (Péter Bory, engineer), Mariska Vízváry (Mrs. Bory, Aunt Klára), Lajos Boray (dr. István Veress, lawyer), Mária Mezey (Judit, his wife), Andor Ajtay (Dezső Horváth, hussar), Terus Kovács (his wife), Ági Donáth (Zizi, their daughter), Béla Mihályffy (Kázmér Bakos), Hilda Gobbi (witness in court), Márta Fónay (waitress), Béla Vizy (Elemér Hajós), Ferenc Vendrey (József Tompa), Gusztáv Vándory (Bakos's lawyer), Dezső Szabó (young man in love), Panni Kéry (his lady), Sándor Zákonyi (young guest), László Z. Molnár, György Gonda (second), Ferenc Pethes (barber), Gusztáv Harasztos (judge), László Misoga (office messenger), Viola Orbán (woman in court), Valéria Hidvéghy, Emmi Buttykay, Mária Szemlér, Aranka Hahnel, Ferenc Náday, Kálmán Somody

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