In Drumfire

Lajos Ágotai , 1937. Wartime romance with original battle scene footage.

Premiere: 12 August 1937
Genre: feature film, drama, sound film
Director: Lajos Ágotai

Original length: 74 minutes, 2000 m
The film survives in a fragmentary state.

Szabó Klára doesn't want to marry Tar Péter, the man chosen by her mother. She still thinks of the young man whom she met during an excursion, but she doesn't even know his name. It turns out, that his ideal is nobody else, but the best friend of the fiancé candidate, Bene István. The war breaks out, drafting is all over the world. Péter is called in. István keeps with Péter, so that he could take care of him on the front as well. Péter feels that his fiancée does not really love him, therefore he does not spare his own life whenever in a dangerous situation presents itself on the front. He learns that his friend has the same photograph of his fiancée as he himself. Following an argument, the two friends separate. Later Péter is wounded and is treated in hospital. A nurse looks after the wounded young man and falls in love with him in the meantime. Klári and Pista have no knowledge of Péter's whereabouts; they become engaged. Péter makes a secret appearance but, seeing the situation, abandons the idea of ever marrying Klári.

What makes it interesting?
The film’s war scenes were compiled from original battle scene footage.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Cinema Film
Writer: Imre Balassa
Screenwriter: Béla Balogh, Imre Balassa
Cinematographer: Lajos Berend
Cast: Ferenc Kiss (Péter Tar), Lili Berky (Mrs. Szabó), Mária Egry (Klára Szabó), György Nagy (István Bene), Ferenc Pethes (Mátyás)