Mátyás Puts it Right

Frigyes Bán, 1940. Campaign to save Napsugár (Sunray) resort.

Premiere: 6 February 1940
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Frigyes Bán

Original length: 2187 m, 81 minutes
Lost film.

Éva Bálint lives in Budapest with her brother, János, who - in his free time - works on his invention, an automatic tailoring machine. Their widowed mother runs the family Sunbeam resort house in Balatongyöngye, which - having no guests - is on the verge of bankruptcy, and this car no longer be amended by Mátyás, the old receptionist himself. Éva spreads the rumour that a film director of Hungarian origins, Paul Vidor is going to stay in the Sunbeam. A whole flock of woman craving for an acting career swarm in the resort house. Since they are very impatient, Éva sees to a phoney Vidor in a young Englishman Tom Taylor. Her trick is finally discovered and the auction becomes inevitable, but in the meantime Tom buys János's invention. Thus János can state the last price and the resort house stays in the family.

What makes it interesting?
Charming comedy praised primarily for the excellent acting of Gerő Mály playing the problem-solving porter.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Kárpát Film
Writer: Margit Pusztaszery
Cinematographer: Rezső Icsey (interiors), István Somkuti
Cast: Lili Berky (widowed Mrs. Bálint), Margit Lukács (Éva Bálint), György Nagyajtay (János Bálint), Romola Németh (Panni, János's fiancée), Gerő Mály (Mátyás, the doorman), László Szilassy (Tom Taylor), Nándor Bihary (banker Boldizsár Bokor), Mici Erdélyi (Mary, Bokor's fiancée), Kamill Feleki (Gyuri, ladies' hairdresser), Kató Timár (Tusi, manicurist), Gyula Kőváry (inventor), Ilona Kökény (Mrs. Kovács), Margit Szathmáry (Mrs. Antal), Viola Orbán (Jozefin), András Tassy (Antal), Emmi Nagy (Mici), Sándor Solymossy (Feri, waiter), László Misoga (Béla, man-servant), Éva Adorján (beautiful guest)