One Day is the World

János Vaszary, 1944. Legendary melodrama about the war period.

Premiere: 24 February 1944 (Uránia)
Genre: feature film, melodrama
Director: János Vaszary

Lost film.

Arriving from the front on leave, Lieutenant Tamás, disappointed in his unfaithful bride, and Red Cross nurse Mária spend an unforgettable night of passion together. Mária is soon notified of the death of Tamás and collapses in grief. The hospital’s senior doctor, who has long loved Mária, takes her out in an attempt to cheer her up. While in a bar Mária sees her lover whom she believed was dead, greets him enthusiastically, but is shunned by the man. In confusion, the girl stumbles out of the bar. However, glancing back she notices that Tamás is walking with crutches. It transpires that the young man put about news of his death due to his serious injuries because he didn’t want to tie Mária to himself. The girl’s love is stronger than Tamás’s fears so they stay together.

What makes it interesting?
János Vaszary rewrote for film his own, highly successful original stage work, although the actors who played in the theatre production also appeared in the motion picture version. The sad love song One Day Is the World became a hit encapsulating the mood of the age. It is a legendary melodrama about the war period.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Kárpát Film
Writer: János Vaszary
Screenwriter: János Vaszary
Cinematographer: Barnabás Hegyi
Music: Károly De Fries 
Cast: Lili Muráti, Antal Páger, Tivadar Bilicsi, Mária Anna Tahy, Piri Vaszary, Miklós Szakáts