Someone's Knocking On My Window

László Sipos, 1944. A doctor with big dreams goes to work not in a private sanatorium but in a small village.

Premiere: 1944 in the spring
Genre: feature film, drama, sound film
Director: László Sipos

Lost film.

Having gotten his doctoral degree, Ferenc Juhász engages Marietta Bánhidy. He and his friend, Iván Ardó, dream about a joint private sanatorium, but he starts his career as a surgeon on the surgery clinic of his professor. One day the ambulance car brings in a little boy from his native village, Gáta, with a perforated appendix. The boy dies at the entrance of the hospital. At that moment he makes up his mind to go back to the village to help the poor there in order to prevent similar tragedies. His fiancée breaks up their engagement and marries Ardó. In his village Juhász combats many difficulties and prejudices, but after his operation saves a dying little boy, he is eventually acknowledged and appreciated. The daughter of the former doctor, Judit Bakó, who provided assistance to him during the first operation, becomes his colleague and his wife.

What makes it interesting?
Around this time, László Szilassy appeared as a doctor in three films: Someone’s Knocking on My Window, Strange Roads and Wedding March. All three plots are characterized by sensitivity to social issues.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Jávorniczky Film
Writer: Lajos Pánczél
Screenwriter: József Juhász, Lajos Pánczél
Cinematographer: Árpád Makay
Cast: László Szilassy, Margit Ladomerszky, Éva Kelemen, Ernő Mihályi, József Juhász, Sándor Szabó