The Rotschild Girl

Béla Gaál, 1934. Lightweight comedy about a Hungarian millionaire girl looking for a marriage partner.

Premiere: 4 June 1934
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Béla Gaál

Lost film.

It appears that the lifelong dream of marriage broker Lajos S. Bokor has come true: he has a millionaire girl on his books. The wealthy Kitty Kékesi Kéky has applied to his office after her father forbade her from marrying her true love, photo reporter Tamás Sátori, and in revenge she chooses Manó Fazekas, the office accountant who has just been sacked. Before the day of the engagement, Mr. Bokor intends to carve an impeccably mannered, cultured, sophisticated dancing, tennis-playing, equestrian model of perfection out of the uncultured, cack-handed, incompetent candidate groom, but his efforts prove fruitless. Kázmér Kékesi Kéky is even prepared to let his daughter have her own way in the matter of love, anything to rid himself of Fazekas who behaves scandalously on the evening of the engagement. The abandoned groom himself opens a marriage agency from the payment made to him in compensation, he employs Mr. Bokor as an accountant and marries Mancika, the typist he had previously courted without success.

What makes it interesting?
One of the film sketches popular at the time, screened with stage scenes performed live. The UFA movie designed for lightweight summer entertainment was shot in Hunnia film studio. Éva Fenyvessy, who played Kitty, also starred in the massive box office hit Hyppolit, the Butler.

Production Companies: UFA Film Rt.
Writer: Pál Forró
Screenwriter: Dezső Kellér
Cinematographer: József Bécsi
Cast: Sándor Radó (Manó Fazekas, accountant), Gábor Kertész (Tamás Sátori, newspaper photographer), Éva Fenyvessy (Kitty Kékesi Kéky), Lenke Szőnyi (Mancika, typist), Ernő Szenes (Lajos Bokor S., general manager of the marriage bureau “Amor”), Gyula Justh (Kázmár Kékesi Kéky, Kitty’s father), Boby Gray (teacher of dancing and manners)