The Wheat Ripens

Béla Gaál, 1939. An English girl and an Italian young man learn about Hungarian culture.

Premiere: 20 April 1939
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Béla Gaál

Original length: 2342 m, 87 minutes
Lost film.

Bán András, a landowner has - for twenty years - proposed to Mrs. Beleznay every year. But she does not want to get married again until she marries her children, Éva and Pista. The Beleznay children meet an engaged couple from abroad. But the couple soon break up and Luigi becomes engaged to Éva, and Betty to Pista. Mrs. Beleznay then agrees to marry his old suitor, but he does not want the children to marry foreigners. They have a terrible row. However, the English girl and the Italian boy try so hard to adapt to Hungarian culture, that they finally win Bán András's heart.

What makes it interesting?
Hilarious comedy about a clash of cultures and how love overcomes all. Mici Erdélyi took extra English classes for the part.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Gál Ernő produkció, Magyar Filmiroda
Writer: György Ujházy (play, Beleznay asszonyok)
Screenwriter: Attila Orbók
Cinematographer: Károly Kurzmayer
Cast: Sári Fedák (Mrs. Beleznay), Mária Egry (Éva, Mrs. Beleznay's daughter), László Szilassy (Pista, Mrs. Beleznay's son), Kálmán Rózsahegyi, Sándor Góth, Attila Petheő, Mici Erdélyi, László Perényi, Imre Apáthi, Rezső Harsányi, György Kürthy, József Kürthy, Marcsa Simon, Valéria Hidvéghy