The Wine

István György, 1933. Adaptation of the work by Géza Gárdonyi that also made it to America.

Premiere: 28 September 1933
Genre: feature film, drama, sound film
Director: István György

Original length: 2872 m, 106 minutes
The film survived as a fragment.

Baracs Imre, the infamous fighting male of the village, who is strong and is always in the mood for a punch-up, decides to give up drinking to become an industrious man worthy of Szunyogh Judit, his fiancée, whom he wants to marry. Soon, the wedding party is held. Five years elapse. Imre has by now become a modest family man who lives a happy life with his wife and little son. When his younger brother is released from prison, he drinks himself legless and eventually beats Juli, his wife. The young woman then decides to leave her husband's house, taking her son with her. Imre misses his wife and the little boy immensely. When he spots them in the church, he can no longer wait and buys some present for his little son, but upon arriving at the home of the Szunyogh family he is overcome by his pride and decides not to enter the house. The problem is finally solved when he finds refuge in the house from a summer shower. Family peace is then restored.

What makes it interesting?
Adaptation of the work by Géza Gárdonyi with Pál Jávor and Kálmán Rózsahegyi. American Hungarian audiences particularly liked the atmosphere of the homeland in this film.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Stylus Film
Writer: Géza Gárdonyi
Screenwriter: János Tibor
Cinematographer: József Bécsi, István Eiben
Cast: Pál Jávor (Imre Baracs), Panni Kéry (Juli Szunyog), Kálmán Rózsahegyi (Gábor Göre, mayor), Ferenc Pataky (Durbints in-law), László Z. Molnár (Kátsa, Gypsy), Endre Markovits (Matyi, Imre's younger brother), Aranka Gazdy (Mrs. Szunyogh), Géza Rónai (Uncle Mihály), Kató Eöry (Eszter), Imre Vargha (Ceglédi), József Berky (Bige, Gypsy), Lujza Szerdahelyi (Borcsa), Klári Balogh (Rozi), Kapossiné, Eszter Pécsi, Anikó Veress, Ica Benkő, Lajos Sugár, Pál Révai, János Orosz, Gyula Zilahy, Mór Ditrói, Zoltán Pethő, Feri Gonda, László Tesséky, Elemér Muhoray, Gyula Farkas, Gyula Kédly, Béla Horváth

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