Márton Keleti, 1937. The world of country houses and much great music in a Romeo and Juliet story set in rural Bihar county.

Premiere: 9 November 1937
Genre: feature film, comedy, sound film
Director: Márton Keleti

Original length: 1990 m, 70 minutes
The survived print of the film is incomplete.

The ancient families of Kont and Hadházy have long been at war with each other. Lord-lieutenant Kont is a supporter of Vienna, while Hadházy is a devotee of Kossuth. The lord lieutenant plans to fight Hadházy at the approaching county assembly. Viki, the beautiful and quick-witted daughter of the Hadházy family, arrives home from the Swiss young ladies' boarding school, dismissed because of her conduct, immediately before that. Viki, off to protect her father and with a nobleman's pride, fights a dual dressed as a man with the son of the hostile family, Feri. He takes her to be her brother, Hadházy Kálmán. The political conflicts between the two families are subdued by amorous complications. Light is thrown upon the misunderstanding at the county ball, and through Viki's and Feri's love even old adversaries make peace.

What makes it interesting?
The musical by Adorján Bónyi and Pál Ábrahám was a great success at the Magyar Theatre. The world of 19th century country houses is revived in this Romeo and Juliet story set in rural Bihar county. The lead role was played by Marika Rökk on stage and Rózsi Bársony in the film version.

Cast & Crew
Writer: Adorján Bónyi (play), Pál Ábrahám (music)
Screenwriter: Károly Nóti
Cinematographer: Károly Kurzmayer
Cast: Rózsi Bársony (Viki Hadházy), Gyula Csortos (Máté Hadházy), Lili Berky (Zsuzsa, Máté's wife), Rudolf Somogyvári (Kálmán, their son), Kálmán Rózsahegyi (Uncle Zsiga), Attila Petheő (Kont, lord-lieutenant), Karola Zala (Kont's wife), Pál Jávor (Feri, their son), Manyi Kiss (Lili Füzessy), Lajos Gárday (Péter, coachman), Márta Fónay (maid of the Hadházys), Gerő Mály (Dr. Sebestyén Varga), Gyula Kabos (Dr. Weiss), Andor Heltai (Gipsy band leader), György Nagy, Miklós Pataky (second to Feri in duel), István Dózsa (waiter), Béla Fáy, István Berend (second to Viki in duel), Zoltán Makláry (Sergeant György Szabó), Sándor Peti (head waiter), Gyula Szöreghy (liveried attendant), Ilona Erdős, contributes: Jancsi Horváth and his gypsy band

International Distribution