Wild Rose

Béla Balogh, Béla Pásztor, 1939. Musical comedy with fine acting.

Premiere: 9 March 1939
Genre: comedy, sound film
Director: Béla Balogh, Béla Pásztor

Original length: 2414 m, 89 minutes
The survived print of the film is incomplete.

Éva is a young woman, a "wild rose", who has been brought up by her grandfather, uncle Ábris, in the country estate. To escape the marriage planned for her, she runs away to her father in Budapest, the renown divorce lawyer, Sziráky Sándor. In Budapest, Éva is received by her kind grandmother, Klementin. She soon learns about her father's womanising. Mária, Sziráky's secretary, is in love with her boss, and to make him jealous she pretends that doctor Ámon is paying his attentions to her. Mrs. Tertay, about to divorce her husband, is also out after Sziráky. Éva starts to operate, and following a series of complications, she arranges the union of her father with Mária, herself finding peace and happiness as doctor Ámon's wife.

What makes it interesting?
Film adaptation of Mihály Eisemann and Ernő Andai’s operetta Wild Flower featuring excellent actors and brilliant melodies.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Pásztor Film Kft.
Writer, Screenwriter: Ernő Andai (operetta, Vadvirág)
Cinematographer: Ferenc Gergelits
Cast: Margit Dajka (Éva), Árpád Lehotay (Dr. Sándor Sziráky lawyer), Mariska Vízváry (Grandmother Klementin), Kálmán Rózsahegyi (Grandfather Ábris), Erzsi Simor (Mária, secretary of Sziráky), László Perényi (Dr. János Ámon doctor), Sári Déry (Mrs. Tertay), Ferenc Pethes (Feri Szabó), Sándor Pethes (Farkas), Ilona Dajbukát (nurse Julcsa), Marcsa Simon (mama), Etelka Dán (Rozi), Ferenc Hoykó (driver), György Kürthy (visiting old gentleman), Gusztáv Harasztos (tailor), Ilona Kökény (visiting lady), Lajos Újváry, Ferenc Galetta