You are the Song

Endre Rodriguez, 1940. A young singer finds his voice and love.

Premiere: 3 June 1940
Genre: feature film, drama, sound film
Director: Endre Rodriguez

Original length: 2082 m, 77 minutes
The film survived as a fragment.

Nádas Péter and his mates, who are house-painters, are working in a flat. Selmeczy, a singing teacher, overhears the young man singing and persuades him into taking lessons from him. The young man falls in love with the singing master's daughter, Éva. Emotions are reciprocal. However, Livia, a rich widow, also falls in love with him. She organizes a tour abroad for the young and talented singer. Later, however, she gets fed up with her young protégé and elopes with a racing driver. Péter is chasing them and is seriously injured in an accident. Selmeczy Éva, informed of what happened, decides to give support to the now dumb young man. Later it is Péter, however, who saves her life. The experience restores his singing capabilities, and the two of them become a happy couple.

What makes it interesting?
This film made the youthful Opera House tenor János Sárdy a household name.

Cast & Crew
Production Companies: Turul Film
Writer: Endre Rodriguez
Screenwriter: Alfréd Deésy
Cinematographer: Rezső Icsey
Cast: János Sárdy (Péter Nádas), Imre Toronyi (Selmeczy, music teacher), Klári Szabó (Éva, Selmeczy's daughter), Piri Vaszary (woman cook), Kamill Feleki (wallpainter), László Misoga (wallpainter), Béla Mihályffy (professor of medicine), Gyula Kőváry (old composer), Béla Fáy (young composer), Vera Sennyei (Lívia), Piri Ádám, Gyula Kompóthy