A Miracle in Cracow (Csoda Krakkóban)

(2004, feature, 35mm, color, 94 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySR)
co-produced with:Poland
First feature

Pjotr, an émigré from Budapest, is a young Polishman living in Cracow. He has been an enthusiast of books, but especially of one particular book. According to a Jewish legend this book entitled the Silver Crown, has the power to raise the dead.
With this very book under her arm Eszter, a student from Budapest, happens to arrive in Cracow to restore a rabbi - tombstone. A never-ending series of complications ensues, which seems to be directed by an ancient Jewish spinning top called Trenderli. The fate of both young and old revolve around this toy - and the Book. It is these objects that conjure up the spirit of Pjotr - dead grandmother. The Wonderworker Rabbi, who appears out of nowhere, also tells stories about this mystical toy.


Houston Worldfest - 2005

Golden Remi Award

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2005

Best Producer: Gábor Garami