Afterlife (Utóélet)

(2014, feature, digital, color, 95 minutes)
First feature

After Mózes starts seeing the ghost of his authoritative, recently-deceased father, the diffident and insecure young man is forced to take matters into his own hands: he has to deal with the relationship with his father once and for all.
An energetic debut from Virág Zomborácz in a refreshing blend of genres, combining humorous episodes verging on the bizarre with elements of high drama.

2011 MEDIA European Talent Prize Winner Project

2015 - Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival: Best Actor Award to Marci Kristóf

Director of photography
Production company


Valladolid International Film Festival - 2014

Best Feature Film (Meeting Point)

Vilnius International Film Festival - 2015

Best Actor Marci Kristóf

Bergamo Film Meeting - 2015

First Prize

Timisoara Ceau, Cinema! European Film Festival - 2015

Audience Award

Hungarian Film Awards - 2016

Hungarian Film Award for Best Supporting Actress Eszter Csákányi