All is Casting (Casting minden)

(2008, feature, 35mm, color, 105 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySRD)

The casting of the talent show STAR HANGAR is going on at a commercial TV channel. Of the many applicants, we get to follow the endeavors and later the participation of six plus one youngsters. The “plus one” is our protagonist: Kati Ormos, a Gypsy girl who grew up in a children’s home. She tries to live a normal life, but due to her confusion and inferiority complex, it’s a tough job. She enters the competition, then changes her mind and leaves the jury behind. Fate puts her in touch with a marginalized bar pianist, whom she asks to teach her sing. Rezső lives alone and there are only three things that keep him alive: booze, horse races, and playing the piano at night at a restaurant. First he refuses the girl, but then – without knowing why – finally agrees to teach her. They rehearse nightly at the restaurant. He makes Kati work hard; she sometimes breaks down because of his expectations. A strange struggle begins. We can sense they both have to rise above themselves.
“What the hell is casting?” asks a grocery wholesaler woman in the beginning of the movie from a young worker, who wants to get off from work for the audition of the talent show.
“Well,” the guy answers, “it’s like you sorting the carrots.”
All is Casting… You have to prove your importance every day. Happily, this moral is dished out with lots of music and humor.

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