As Up to Now (Ahogy eddig)

(2019, short, HD, color, 24 minutes)

Margaret (82) lives on her own and now leaves to the hospital with her daughter Judith (45), with whom they became alienated. During the examination it turns out that Margaret suffers from serious skin cancer. Due to the metastasis the lady-doctor disinclined to treat her. Only Judith understands the diagnosis, since Margaret is a hard of hearing. Because of her job and commitments at home Judith cannot stay with her mother, at the same time she is unable to tell her the truth. She bribes the doctor to treat her mother in one way or other and then she travels home. Henceforth Margaret goes to the treatments alone.


Friss Hús Budapest International Shortfilm Festival - 2018

(in competition)

Cannes International Film Festival - 2019


(in competition)

Palic International Film Festival - 2019

Sf. Gheorghe ANONIMUL IFF - 2019

(in competition)

Sarajevo Film Festival - 2019

(in competition)

Stockholm International Film Festival - 2019

Denver International Film Festival - 2019

(in competition)

Torún TOFIFEST - 2019

(in competition)

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