Aura (Aura)

(2014, feature, digital, color, 80 minutes)
sci-fi, youth

Four kids (Tokyo, Pete, Adam and Esther) wake up in their stranded car in an abandoned field to realise that the sun has failed to rise. As if that wasn’t strange enough, they then discover that the area around them is enveloped in a barely visible bionic “aura”. The aura reacts to their touch, and mysterious things soon start to happen: the kids find seashells in and around the car, the smell and the sound of the ocean fill the air, and long lost memories start to materialise in the front of their eyes.

Rainfall from nowhere, unexplainable noises, mysterious messages and a series of hidden clues force them to begin an otherworldly investigation that reveals much more than they imagined, when they unearth forgotten secrets rooted deep in the very origins of mankind. And these secrets have direct consequences not only on their own lives - but on the survival of our planet as we know it.

Director of photography
Production company


Brussels BIFFF - 2014

(in competition)

London Sci-Fi-London - 2014

(in competition)