Beast (Csicska)

(2011, short, 35mm, color, 20 minutes, DolbySR)

István Balogh, is a not too rich farmer has total control over his wife, family and slave. He does all it takes to guard the family image created by the rigid traditions in his farm in rural Hungary. The characters meet their tragic fate through their close but at the same time extreme relationships.
This film has been inspired by articles, news items and memories of people who have survived such situations.

In Hungary we see the renaissance of “csicskáztatás”, a kind of modern-day slavery. The word has now lost its original meaning in Hungarian prison and military slang; today we speak about the forced work of homeless people and wrecks or fallen addicts lacking love and will as well as the confiscation of their benefits and pensions.
In many cases slave-owners buy their victims cheap from special agents and then force them under inhuman circumstances to work and fully serve the whole family. The worker quickly becomes a slave, a “csicska”.
A tragic consequence of this widespread phenomenon is that the acceptance of the slave by the family can mean his very survival even when it happens with vile and selfish intentions.
In these archaic communities there is no clear distinction between the slave and the family members. These cruelly exploited people, unable to take part in everyday struggles for life, become second-class members of the community.
Thousands of people are estimated living in slavery in Hungary ten years into the third millennium.

2012 - BuSho - Budapest Short Film Festival: Silver BuSho


Shanghai International Film Festival - 2011

Best Short Film of Mobile SIFF

Syracuse International Film Festival - 2012

Best Short Fiction

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2011

Best Short Film

Barcelona MECAL - 2012

Special Mention

Torún TOFIFEST - 2012

Golden Angel

Stockholm International Film Festival - 2011

Best Short Film

Vilnius International Film Festival - 2012

Best Short Film

Tampere Short Film Festival - 2012

EFA Short Film Nominee Tampere

European Film Academy - 2012

Nominated for Best European Short Film Award

Cracow Film Festival - 2012

Silver Dragon

Odense International Film Festival - 2012

Special Mention


Sarajevo Film Festival - 2011

(in competition)

Luxembourg CinÉast - 2012

London Film Festival - 2012

Leeuwarden Noordelijk  Film Festival - 2012

(in competition)

San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival - 2012

(in competition)

Huesca Film Festival - 2012

(in competition)

Kosice Art Film Fest - 2012

(in competition)

Ghent Flanders International Film Festival - 2012

(in competition)

Leeds International Film Festival - 2012

(in competition)

Cottbus FilmFestival - 2011

(in competition)

Bilbao ZINEBI - 2011

(in competition)

Trieste Film Festival - 2012

(in competition)

Regensburg Short Film Week  - 2012

(in competition)

Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - 2011

Palic International Film Festival - 2012

Cluj-Napoca Transilvania - 2011

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