Bolshe Vita (Bolse Vita)

(1995, feature, 35mm, color, 97 minutes)
First feature

In the hectic summer of 1989 Hungary opened up its western border, which started a new migration in the upheaval of Eastern Europe. Refugees of politics, proverty and war all passed through Hungary, the crossroads of East and West, adventure seekers, smugglers, mafiosos and a few young people who were looking for a new place in a world that seemed to be renewed. They are the heroes of this story. They arrive from various directions: two moony musicains and an egineer from Russia, two girls from Britain and America. They all meet in Budapest, in a rock-pub called Bolshe Vita. They fall in love and wander around town, the boys trying to make living by playing music in the street or doing business in the "COMECOM" market.They all spend the summer together in the short interval between the collapse of the dictatorships and the dawn of the new chaos - that was the time we called freedom.

Director of photography
Visual design
Production manager


Berlin PRIX EUROPA - 1996

European Parliament's Special Prize

London Film Festival - 1996

Satyajit Ray Award

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 1996

Best First Film

Sochi International Film Festival - 1996

Grand Pearl Prize

Cottbus FilmFestival - 1996

Main Prize

Angers Premiers Plans - 1997

Main Prize

Lagów International Film Festival - 1996

Golden Grapes Prize

National premiere: