Burial of Winter (Téltemetés)

(2000, documentary, video, color, 70 minutes)

Our heroine, Jezebel, who grew up on folk tradition and superstitions, works for a shady business. Two geniuses run this Internet company that rips off the whole world. They get around by a motorcycle with a sidecar. They are afraid of losing the power Jezebel wants to take from them. What does tech-music have?
What can you find out with the help of a happy DJ?
The strict and sick Elijah and aunt Anna, the wise-woman of the village determined Jezebel� childhood. She can use the tricks she� learnt from them anywhere, from the village to the modern city. The film is about a woman today with the abilities of a medium, who tries to come up to requirements, adapt and find herself.

Director of photography
Visual design
Production manager


Cracow Film Festival - 1999

Antalya Golden Orange IFF - 1999

Best Shortfilm

National premiere: