But Who Are Those Lumnitzer Sisters? (De kik azok a Lumnitzer nővérek?)

(2006, feature, 35mm, color, 103 minutes)
co-produced with:Serbia

The two heroes of the film are Olivér and Ficskó, two dedicated restaurant reviewers who ceaselessly strive to make people appreciate the art of cuisine and to encourage higher standards, neither of whom hold back from scourging the bunglers and sharks of the profession with biting irony. The restaurant owners whom they offend swear to avenge themselves. They entrust the task to Milica, the quick-witted and fiery young manageress: she is to disclose the true identity of the writers who publish their articles under the penname Lumnitzer Sisters, and thus render them harmless. Either she will simply buy off the two critics, twist them round her little finger or as a last resort do them in. The struggle between the Lumnitzer Sisters and Milica begins and this strange battle produces a lot of funny situations and comedy.

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