Camembert Rose (Rózsaszín sajt)

(2009, feature, digital, color, 93 minutes, Stereo)
co-produced with:France
First feature

Tibor, an excentric, hedonistic gynecologist father raises alone his 19-old-son, Dani. Tibor's egoistic, vain, success-centered character sharply opposes to Dani's shy and romantic behaviour searching for love instead of  plain sex. Tibor is constantly trying to shape his son to his taste, pushing him to escape to France visiting his musician uncle. In consquence to the different adventures and challenges he is facing abroad, Dani returns as a different, stronger  personality. The changes he's been through would mark his relation to his father for good.


Berdyansk International Film Festival - 2010

Audience Prize

Best Original Score László Pirisi