Captain B. R. (R. B. kapitány)

(2003, documentary, video, color, 81 minutes)

”I saw the best minds of my generation destoyed by madness…” (Ginsberg: Howl) It was Béla Radics, the Hungarian king of guitar with his brilliant guitar skills, who in the sixties was first only touched by and then burnt up by the Beat feeling, which was impregnated with a British spirit. He grew up in the rock and roll world of Kerouac’s Beat generation, listening to songs by the Hollies and the Ventures, etc. As early as age 16 he started playing in the band Atlantis, then came his own legendary bands, such as Sakk-Matt (Check-Mate), Tűzkerék (Wheel of Fire), Taurus, and Alligátor. The peak of his career was with Taurus, when at the début concert more than ten thousand were shouting ”Béla for the Party, Taurus for the Government!”. However, the guitarist from Angyalföld (a working class region of Budapest – transl.), who started on a shoestring and achieved success by relying only on his own talent, was not welcome in ”Our Party and Our Government” of the time. So much so that Kádár’s secret police elegantly put Béla Radics, who always attracted great crowds, on the side lines. Elegantly and unnoticeably. After this a straight road led to death. He left for good in 1983, at the young age of 36. He left nothing behind apart from two singles, lots of unenjoyable amateur recordings, and his memory. The memory of some razor-sharp concerts, the experience of some skilly guitar solos on the Bem wharf, in the Kassák club and in the workers’ hostel in Csepel. In Memoriam Béla Radics


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2004

Best Film in "Portrait" Category

National premiere: