Captives (Foglyok)

(2019, feature, HD, color, 87 minutes)

In 1951 Budapest, the communist secret police shows up at the door of an ordinary family - but instead of deporting them, the officers move in and lock them up in their own home. And anyone else who comes knocking on the door ... Days go by without any explanation as secrets, lies and paranoia soon begins to unravel the growing number of captives in the apartment.

An incredible but true story from Academy Award winning director Kristóf Deák.


Hungarian Film Awards - 2020

Best TV Movie

Best Director Kristóf Deák

Best Actress Eliza Sodró

Best Actor Ernő Fekete

Best Cinematography Francisco Gózon

Best Set Design Gábor Valcz

Best Music Ádám Balázs

Best Sound Máté Péterffy

Best Make Up and Hair Ancsa Kriskó

Best Make Up and Hair Gabriella Vincze

Best Make Up and Hair Andrea Bankó

Best Costume Judit Sinkovics


Goa International Film Festival of India - 2019

(in competition)

Lagów International Film Festival - 2020

(in competition)

Palic International Film Festival - 2020

Waterloo Historical Film Festival - 2020

(in competition)

National premiere: