Chinese Defense (Kínai védelem)

(1999, feature, 35mm, color, 98 minutes)
First feature

Chinese Defense is the story of a Transylvanian man, Péter György, who returns after twenty-two years of Siberian detention. He arrives at a small town station in Transylvania and learns that it now belongs to another country. He does not understand the changes that happened while he was away. The messages he brings from the Gulags in Siberia and his personal story become a nuisance for the authorities. István, a local policeman goes everywhere with him. While looking for his native town, Péter György can see that even the landscape has gone through strange transformations. Finally he finds the local boss, comrade Lovász, who makes him into a new man. But before they deprive him of everything, they use him for a scientific experiment. They send him to Aunt Irma to check the effect of uranium on potency�In Irma� apartment two sensitive people find harmony for a moment.


Sochi International Film Festival - 1999

Best Actor: Emil Győry

Salerno International Film Festival - 1999

First Film Category Main Prize

National premiere: