Damnation (Kárhozat)

(1987, feature, 35mm, black & white , 122 minutes)

Grey miner town. Karrer spends his days by doing nothing, during the nights he attends bars. He makes stubborn attempts to get the singer. The owner of the bar offers good money for a smuggling tour. Karrer passes the work on to Sebestyén, the husband of the singer, who leaves the town while Karrer alluding to the payment gets the singer. Sebestyén returns, but according to the bar owner his baggage is in a damaged condition. The singer is taken by the bar owner after all. Karrer reports Sebestyén to the police. The rain is falling hopelessly. Karrer hangs about at the city dumping ground alone, aimlessly. (Source: Hungarian Film Institute) 


Split Film Festival - 2006

Special Festival Award

National premiere: