Death Rode out of Persia (A halál kilovagolt Perzsiából)

(2004, feature, 35mm, color, 90 minutes, 1:1,33, DolbySR)

After three years of drunkenness, while browsing though his writings, a writer comes to the conclusion that he should not just simply drink but also work, since otherwise he will end up having to drink his wine diluted with soda-water, rich in minerals.
He makes himself a wine spritzer and downs it in disgust.
Here, in front of me, is this horrid blank sheet I have to fill.

Based on Péter Hajnóczy's Death Rode out of Persia.

Visual design
Director of photography
Production company
Production manager


Wiesbaden GoEast Film Festival - 2006

Federal Foreign Office's Prize

National premiere: