Eszter's Inheritance (Eszter hagyatéka)

(2008, feature, 35mm, color, 90 minutes)
First feature

Eszter's Inheritance, based on Sándor Márai's novel of the same title, was made from the script of József Sipos. The film, which takes place in the years before World War II, tells us a story that is shockingly up-to-date even today. The movie analyses human relations and tries to find out how people's actions are controlled by fate.

Eszter, our hero, a seemly lady in her 50s who lives alone on her own accord and does not expect much from life, can count on a safe and calm old age. She gets a telegram from her only love (because you can love someone all your life and be loyal to him even if he was disloyal to you). Lajos returns for one day with his children and two strangers. The visit evokes old memories in Eszter as well as sentiments she herself cannot define exactly...

This is the last meeting that totally changes Eszter's life, and adresses the fears that surface at a certain age in everyone's life.

2008 - Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival: Michael Curtiz Audience Award


Salerno International Film Festival - 2008

Prize of Salerno City

National premiere: