Free Fall (Szabadesés)

(2014, feature, digital, color, 80 minutes)

In Free Fall, György Pálfi's imagination expands beyond boundaries, like a young man running through the wall in the film.
An old lady jumps off an apartment building in Budapest. Instead of a horrible death, she picks up the pieces of her broken glasses and walks up the stairs. As she climbs each floor, kaleidoscopic stories taking place in the building's seven rooms are shown on the screen.
The lady played by Molnar Piroska, who worked with Pálfi's in Taxidermia, stands at the center of the tapestry-like story. These events seem to have occurred somewhere or to occur in the future.
The seven rooms reenacting different genres, such as SF, horror, romance, and sitcom, equal to the storage of imagination. A woman walking around naked at a decent party, a couple making love while wrapped in plastic, or a woman undergoing an operation to send her baby back to her womb; none of these is close to normality. Where is the destination of these bizarre stories, then? Questioning the concept of normality, Free Fall is a grotesque film full of elements which Pálfi's fans would look forward to.
(Jang Byungwon)

Produced by the Jeonju Digital Project 2014

Director of photography
Production company


Cottbus FilmFestival - 2014

Award for Outstanding Actress Piroska Molnár

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - 2014

Best Director György Pálfi

Europa Cinemas Label

Special Jury Prize

National premiere: