Glass Tiger 3 (Üvegtigris 3)

(2010, feature, video, color, 110 minutes)

One toothpick, one shot, one disillusioned doctor and one luxury car, which arrives at the perfect moment. This is enough for Lali to make the biggest decision of his life: he leaves everything behind and steps off. The unexpected guest of the Glasstiger, Feri, the star lawyer – though he didn’t planed – stays at the buffet car, while Lali – though he didn’t planed – drives away with the lawyer’s Bentley cabrio.
A crazy day begins and the woman of dreams takes notice of the car of dreams. Lali acts like a fat cat and the biggest adventure of his life starts.
But what will happen, if Lali turns out to be not a fat cat and the wife, the lover, the almost lover and the plumber meet each other?
And what will happen, if friends go after Lali to rescue him?

2010 - The Most Successful Hungarian Film in Hungarian Cinemas

2011 - Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles: Michael Curtiz Audience Award