god@heavens.hu (uristen@menny.hu)

(1999, short, video, color, 22 minutes)

Our film tells the adventures of God on earth. The Lord steps out of the heaven� gate. The wind slams the door behind, and the key falls down to earth. What could he do: he must go down and get it. �od: I� sorry, would you please help me, I� looking for the key to heaven� gate. The missionary: yessir, we do have it, it� yours for 4999 forints. That could be your kind contribution. (He offers a VHS cassette.) God: This is not that. The missionary: if everything isn� clear, you can get all the information in our tiny community house; there, you�l be warmly welcomed by Father Muhi, but we are up on the Internet, our e-mail address is: god@heavens.hu�The story takes place in today� Hungary, where even God can hardly find his way. The idea comes from a dream one of us, had about the Lord showing up as a normal everyday person. Why not to bring this dream to life the Lord walking between us, becoming our friend, having a cigarette with us...

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