Haunted Holiday (Zimmer Feri 2.)

(2010, feature, 35mm, color, 100 minutes)

In a remote village, Charlie and Steve stumble across an abandoned castle, which they manage to secure from the local council for a ridiculously small sum. They are drinking to the deal of the century in the local pub when an old man tells them that the place is cursed and that’s why the mayor was so keen to get it off his hands. Charlie and Steve laugh at such a ridiculous superstition. They borrow a fortune to renovate the place but then fail to attract the custom they anticipated. Then the brains of the family, Fred, has a fantastic idea: all they need to do is spread the news that the place is haunted and the guest will come flocking in. The trick appears to have worked and business soon picks up…until the night when Fred spots another ghost roaming around the castle. But this one is real!


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