Hide and Seek (Bújócska)

(2017, HD, 14 minutes)

The story takes place in a poor family in Hungary. The main character is a 7-year-old boy called Matyi. He loves to play hide and seek, but he knows no bounds. He is constantly hiding somewhere, annoying his parents, and he refuses to come out even when the whole family is looking for him. As he came into the family as the fifth child, his mother had never intended to keep him, and he is just another pain for her to bear. However, his father is very fond of the boy and he is the only one with sufficient patience for him. One day, the father disappears and the mother is left alone with his undisciplined child. The film is shot in poor neighbourhoods with amateur actors and is based on a true story.


Vienna Let s CEE Film Festival - 2018

Honorable Mention

Plymouth Rebel Film Festival - 2018

Grand Prix

Best Student Film

Audience Choice Award

National premiere: