Hier (Tegnap)

(2018, feature, 118 minutes)
co-produced with:France, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Morocco

The central character, 50-year-old Victor Ganz owns a thriving building and civil engineering company that operates worldwide. Some very costly problems on a building site in North Africa mean he has to go there (he hates traveling), to a country where he is confronted with memories of his youth, which have been carefully buried in the depths of his mind. Meetings in ministries, disinformation, the reappearance of a past love who had mysteriously disappeared, an investigation in the local underground to find her: Victor Ganz slowly plunges into a labyrinthine world where present and past intertwine.


Locarno International Film Festival - 2018

Filmmakers of the Present

(in competition)

Utrecht Nederlands Film Festival - 2018

(in competition)

Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2018

Marrakech International Film Festival - 2018

San Jose Cinequest - 2019

Munich Film Festival - 2019

(in competition)

Maine International Film Festival - 2019

National premiere:

World premiere: