Mercy (Magyar Passió)

(2021, feature, color, 95 minutes)

Following World War II, Hungary comes under Soviet influence. The atheist, communist regime launched its most heated battles against the Church. The stakes were very high: after acquiring political power, they wanted to conquer souls and break people’s faith. The film, taking place in 1950, presents the story of Father Leopold and the monks of his order struggling to revive Christianity once again in a country trying to scrape itself together after the war. Initially, the communist powers do not hinder their work, and the Church was even able to regain possession of holy objects hidden during the war. This “peaceful” state does not last long. Father Leopold is arrested on trumped up charges, and in order to break him, he is subjected to cruel torture. His former student, Lieutenant Keller, who turned his back on religion and now believes in the socialist system, is appointed – upon the command of Major Fyodorov – to extract a confession of guilt. But the Father’s perseverance and resistance changes everything…