It Takes Two To Tango! (Ketten egy fészekben)

(2010, short, video, color, 52 minutes, Stereo)

Red-footed falcons and rooks are two very strange types of bird. The two species have seemingly nothing in common; however, red-footed falcons rely on rookeries when nesting. People have interrupted this symbiosis in recent decades by declaring "war" and have singled out the rooks in order to forestall any reduction in farmland production. This film shows what is happening to red-footed falcons, and rooks, and how nature conservationists are trying to deal with the situation just a couple of years after the "peace treaty" in this strange war between birds and men.

2010 - Pusztaszer National Nature Film Festival, Hungary: Lifestyle and Environmental Protection Category Prize


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2010

Best Director Kollányi Ágoston Prize

Toyama Japan Wildlife Film Festival - 2011

Best Newcomer Award

National premiere: