It's Summer at Long Last (Na végre itt a nyár!)

(2002, feature, 35mm, color, 97 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySR)

The story's protagonists are thoroughly self-assured children living in contemporary Hungary, who experience a series of exciting, funny and moving adventures. They are to save their parents' marriage and their retired grandparents' country house, which is their wonderland having been the venue of the happiest moments of their childhood.
The meeting of children aged 6-16 spending their holiday in a picturesque little mountain village leads to adventures with many twists and turns, as they struggle to mend their parents' blunders. Their kindly naive, pristine world is contrasted with the world of adults, which is far from being innocent.
The film's central conflict: the grandparents borrow money from the village's (Modolány) rich entrepreneur, which then they are unable to pay back. It seems they will lose the family estate (Poldi Grove). However, the children discover that the entrepreneur, together with the mayor of the village, is planning to build a site for toxic waste on the estate and the lands of the village. The entrepreneur obtains the right of utilisation for the village lands, but he wants to keep his plan secret until the last moment. Our heroes reveal the intentions of the entrepreneur. Since their grandparents used to be artists in the world famous Bombardi World Circus, the children decide to collect the old company and organise a grand farewell performance hoping the revenue will be enough to sponsor their grandparent's debt. The entrepreneur and the mayor, however, are doing all in their power to wreck the children� plan.

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