Jellyman (Kocsonyaember)

(2010, short, 35mm, color, 16 minutes, 1:1,33, Stereo)

A big pot of jelly wabbles in a lonely small house in a long and dark winter night.
Food is being cooked.
Or a life is being created.

According to the saying food is alive. This statement is more than true to this film. Once upon a time on a winter night a jelly man comes alive in the kitchen of the old lady who makes jelly. His whole body is made of trembling jelly. His eyes are the eyes of a pig and you can see through his transparent corpus, which is full of pig bones. This is a sublime moment of creation and it could promise eternal happiness if this little creature would not wonder to the American army base nearby, where his existence causes huge interest. As it is the creator, the old lady in this case, who is responsible for this creature, she goes to survive him from the American army but not from his fate.

Director of photography
Production company


Varese Cortisonici - 2011

Best Short Film


Braunschweig International Film Festival - 2010

Malaga Fancine - 2010

(in competition)