Just Sex and Nothing Else (Csak szex és más semmi)

(2005, feature, 35mm, color, 90 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySRD)
romantic comedy
First feature

Dora is a dramatist who has lost all confidence in men after a sad succession of disastrous relationships. She decides to have a child on her own but all she needs now is a suitable donor. Her best friend is an actress who, despite having plenty of men problems, suggests she should put an ad in the paper.

The plan’s a very simple one: Dora chooses the best man for the job, spends a night with him, gets the job done and then life goes on. Unfortunately, the candidates leave her even more disillusioned and so she is forced to look for another solution to her pressing pregnancy problem.

A handsome actor joins the company from the provinces to appear in Dora’s latest stage adaptation. He’s pretty hostile at first but their relationship soon starts to take a more romantic turn.
Is Dora going to stick to her original plan or go with her emotions and give men one more chance?


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006

Best Screenplay: Krisztina Goda, Gábor Heller, Réka DivinyiBest Actor: Sándor Csányi

Monte-Carlo Film Festival - 2006

Best Actress: Judit Schell

Houston Worldfest - 2007

Special Jury AwardGold Remi Award

Cluj-Napoca Comedy Cluj - 2009

Best Actress: Judit Schell