Kills on Wheels (Tiszta szívvel)

(2016, feature, digital, color, 105 minutes, cinemascope, DolbyDigital)
action comedy

This is a meaningful action-comedy of a wheelchair-bound assassin gang.
Driven by despair and fear of becoming useless, a 20 year-old boy, his friend, and an ex-fireman offer their services to the mafia.
But things are not what they seem.
The boundaries between reality and fiction blur and the story becomes a whirling kaleidoscope showing us gangsters and gunfights, but also the challenge of life in a wheelchair and the pain caused by a father’s rejection.

Director’s statment

I have met several people in wheelchairs while I was volunteering with the disabled. These personal encounters inspired me to present a story about a wheelchair bound boy who is struggling with his own identity as much as with his environment and he finds a way to cope with life’s challenges in his own extreme fantasy world.
It was crucial to me to make a movie about disabled people where they finally aren’t played by actors, but they get the opportunity to act themselves and be the real heroes. 

Roger Ebert Award – 2016 Chicago IFF
“Attila Till’s genre-mashing and certainly surprising Kills on Wheels takes us through the looking glass into the world of handicapped assassins. A highly entertaining dark comedy and action-thriller, the film is distinguished by the equanimity with which it treats its protagonists, who are rarely seen on the silver screen. This is a movie with cojones.” Jury

Special Jury Prize – 2016 Luxemburg CinÉast
“a surprising combination of genres, a fusion of drama, crime story, action and comic film that subverts expectations and stereotypes. It is an unexpected story populated with rich and touching characters who, to an extent, highlight themes and situations they themselves are confronted with in real life, making audiences laugh, cry and think about serious issues as well.” Jury

FIPRESCI Prize - 2016 Filmfestival Cottbus
"Kills on Wheels may be the most clever, inspiring, unexpecetdly deep and likeable film in competition at the Filmfestival Cottbus. The way Attila Till, script writer and director, portrayed the serious - and necessary - topics that lie at the base of the movie, covering them with such an enjoyable layer of cheerful but bittersweet feel and genre mixture between criminal thriller and balck comedy, make his second feature film the perfect excuse to approach Eastern European movies without pre-established prejudices.
Kills on Wheels is touching, entertaining, rough, fun, and proves that Eastern Europe can offer worldwide audience some fresh air in the form of blockbusters that can put against the ropes any Hollywood production." Jury

2016 - Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles:
Best Film
Best Actor: Szabolcs Thruróczy

Director of photography
Visual design
Production company


Palic International Film Festival - 2016

Audience Award

Chicago International Film Festival - New Directors - 2016

Roger Ebert Award

Luxembourg CinÉast - 2016

Special Jury Prize

Arras L'Autre Cinema - 2016

Film Critics Jury Prize

Young Jury Award

Audience Award

Cottbus FilmFestival - 2016


Ecumenical Jury Prize

Thessaloniki International Film Festival - 2016

Golden Alexander (main prize) Ádám Fekete

Best Actor for Zoltán Fenyvesi, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Ádám Fekete

Cairo International Film Festival - 2016

Bronze Pyramid

Kryla „The Wings” International Film Festival - 2016

Silver Star Award for Best Director Attila Till

Hungarian Film Awards - 2017

Hungarian Film Award for Best Screenplay Attila Till

Hungarian Film Award for Best Actor Szabolcs Thuróczy

Hungarian Film Award for Best Supporting Actor Ádám Fekete

Hungarian Film Award for Best Make-Up

Hungarian Film Award for Best Sound Tamás Zányi

Vienna Let s CEE Film Festival - 2017

Best Film

Liege Policier - 2017

Best Screenplay Attila Till

Student Jury Prize

Louisiana International Film Festival - 2017

New Voices/New Visions Jury Award

Berlin South East European Film Festival (SEEFF) - 2017

Best Film

Lagów International Film Festival - 2017

Special Prize

National premiere: