Land of Storms (Viharsarok)

(2014, feature, digital, color)
co-produced with:Germany
First feature

Szabolcs plays in a German football team, as does a German teenager, Bernard. They are roommates, they are best friends, they are inseparable. But after a lost match the two friends have an ugly argument and Szabolcs decides to leave the team and quit playing football.
He moves to the Puszta (the Hungarian prairie), to a farm inherited from his grandfather. He longs for honest simplicity, far from the confusion of the world.
His unperturbed solitude doesn’t last long, as he meets Áron, an apprentice stonemason from the nearby village. A mutual attraction develops between the two boys and Szabolcs acts on it. While he seems to finally find himself, for Áron this is a hard and painful rebirth.
However one day an unexpected phone call comes from Bernard: he has arrived to Hungary. He wants his friend to come back to Germany with him, and admits he has always loved Szabolcs.
A stormy love triangle develops. Szabolcs is torn, and for some time he is unable to decide between Bernard and Áron. Áron is struggling with his homosexuality, and he is getting closer and closer to the edge: neither his mother nor his friends are capable of accepting his identity, so by the time Szabolcs chooses him – and Bernard leaves Hungary – Áron seems to have lost all anchors.


Taipei Film Festival - Int'l New Talent Competition - 2014

Special Jury Prize (ex-aequo)

National premiere:

World premiere: