Light Falls on Your face (Fény hull arcodra)

(2001, feature, 35mm, color, 90 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySR)
First feature

After lost battles an exhausted couple look for shelter for the night in a village they have been to before, during more victorious times. The villagers lock their doors and the only living souls on the streets are the victims of ongoing wars, demoralized into mobs. The village notary, an old friend, hangs from a beam in his own house. The runaways finally find shelter at the lonely mansion of an old Teacher, who has barricaded himself in, observes strange rituals, and who has turned his home into a tributary museum.
The newcomers are haunted by memories. The Woman� husband is dead, a victim of the mob they encountered while fleeing, and it could be that the Woman is partly responsible for his death, as is her companion: they left the commanding officer to his fate, guessably not only because they were afraid of the mob, but also because they are attracted to each other. The story is about their finding each other and their survival amidst horrors, in which no-one is left unpunished. The story is both poetic and surreal. Intimate and cruel scenes, images of the past and present, alternate to a rhythm that is almost musical.


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2002

Award to the director for the most outstanding value in visual expression to Gyula Gulyás

National premiere: